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Stress Less With Nivea

Thanks to Nivea, you can say ‘goodbye’ to the sweaty and smelly side effects of emotional stress and say ‘hello’ to confidently passing your most stressful situations!

Introducing Nivea’s breakthrough new anti-perspirant deodorant range, Stress Protect.

Combining a unique antibacterial formula of Stress Protect Actives and a Zinc Complex – both ingredients work together to provide the ultimate protection.

So no matter if you’re giving a speech at a party, collecting an award on stage in front of a crowd or conducting a work presentation in front of a large group of people, Stress Protect has you covered.

The formula also includes rich and nutritious avocado oil to care for the delicate underarm skin, leaving it feeling soft and smoooooooth. Hurrah!

The fab new range is on shelf NOW and prices start at $3.78.


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